BAND PIC CIRCA 1991Formed in 1983 by keyboard player Frank Brunetti, singer Ronald S Peno and guitarist Brett Myers, Died Pretty burst on to a burgeoning Sydney alternative scene with a series of chaotic, passionate and intense live shows. This was quickly followed with a series of remarkable records that quickly established them locally and internationally and allowed them to begin touring Europe and America on a regular basis to healthy and appreciate crowds. Over the next few years, constant touring toughened the once erratic live performances and their follow-up recordings expanded their musical territories.

In 1992 the band released their landmark album Doughboy Hollow. It and its singles "Godbless", "D.C." and "Sweetheart." achieved Australian chart success. Doughboy Hollow is frequently voted into the Top Twenty all time Australian albums. Later albums like Using My Gill as Road Map and Everydaydream expanded the bands musical palate and saw them exploring new sounds and textures.

Died Pretty officially split in 2002 but occasionally reform to play shows. They have performed the album Doughboy Hollow for the 'Don't Look Back' festival (2008) and appeared nationally on 'The Big Day Out' (2009). March 2016 saw them at 'A Day On The Green' and 2017 on a double headline Australian capital cities tour with Radio Birdman. February/March 2019 with see them at A Day On The Green with Bryan Ferry.